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Printing Services

When you bring in your memory cards, mobile phones, USB pens, DVDs and CDs we want you to feel welcome and receive a first-class service. Dartmoor Photographic offers you the opportunity to print from any one of our Kiosks in store, you'll never feel like you need to rush, or fail through lack of help.  We're here to help you get the most out of your photography.

Our Kodak Kiosks are equipped with the latest amazing Kodak emotion software that enables you to crop your images, adjust colour, easily remove red-eye, add text, add filters to your images and order various sizes and quantities of prints for instant or later collection. You can also create photobooks, add interesting borders to the standard prints, make invitations, calendars, collages, greetings cards, DVD's and much more.

We even have Kiosks that let you create photo gifts including mugs, canvas prints, mousemats, tea towels, pillow cases and many other photo gifts as you want them. With knowledgeable and patient staff at hand to help you learn the process, you'll be back time and time again.

Now you can also print from your Facebook profile, your friends’ Facebook profiles, Instagram, Bluetooth, SkyDrive, iPhones, Android, Tablets, Flickr, Google+ and more. Try the kiosks in store today and get your print from wherever it may be.

All of our standard prices are shown in the tables below, the prints can be the same or you can choose to have lots of different photos, the price reduction will still be applied.  We can print up to 40x60 inches, however, we can print any size you might want up to 44 inches wide and longer.

Standard Sizes -
Standard Service Prices

Order Prints

Size (inches)
1 print (each)
2-15 prints (each)
16-26 prints (each)
27-39 prints (each)
40-99 prints (each)
100 - 199 prints (each)
200+ Prints (each)
4x6 50p 50p 35p 30p 25p 17p 15p
5x7 99p 99p 60p 45p 27p 22p 22p
6x8 1.99 1.99 99p 46p 46p 46p 46p
8x10 4.00 3.49 2.49 2.49 2.49 2.49 2.49
8x12 4.00 3.49 2.49 2.49 2.49 2.49 2.49
(All inclusive of VAT. Minimum charge of £1.99 applies.)

DVD & CD Printing -
Minutes Service Prices

DVD / CD Printing Service Price
Photo DVD 5.99
DVD Index Print 15p (per sheet)
Photo CD 3.99
Index Print 99p (per CD)
(All inclusive of VAT. Minimum charge of £1.99 applies.)

Poster Sizes -
One Hour & Online Service Prices

Order Posters

Size (inches) Price
10x12 8.99
11x14 9.99
12x16 11.49
12x18 11.49
A3 11.49
16x20 15.99
16x24 15.99
18x24 16.99
20x24 16.99
A2 16.99
20x30 19.99
24x30 22.99
24x36 25.99
A1 25.99
30x40 31.99
36x48 37.99
A0 37.99
40x60 44.99
(All inclusive of VAT. Minimum charge of £1.99 applies.)